The Unlocking the Bankes Archive project has involved in many different activities, from the essential cataloguing of the collection to fantastic outreach events. One of the, perhaps more unique, outputs has been the partnership with the media department at Yeovil College. Media students Patrick Walsh & Ollie Watkins-Ross worked with the Bankes project team to produce two promotional videos for part of their final media coursework.

Yeovil College media students Ollie and Patrick at Kingston Lacy

The first video is focused on Dorset History Centre and the project, and features some of our happy faces – check it out here:

The second video takes a look at William John Bankes’ (1786-1855) travels through Europe and Egypt in the early 19th century. Watch it here:

We thoroughly enjoyed working as a live commissioner, and unsurprisingly Ollie and Patrick won both Best Corporate Video of the Year and Best Video Product of the Year at their awards evening – not hard to believe when you look at the brilliant work they put together. We can’t wait to see where they go next!

Published: 19/09/2018

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